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Address: Wanji Industry Zone, Xin'an County, Luoyang City, Henan Province China.
Mail box: wanjigroup@163.com
Web site: www.wanjigroup.com

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    Luoyang Wanji Aluminum Processing Co., Ltd is a large scale aluminum strip and foil processing enterprise invested by Wanji Holding Groups, located in Wanji industrial agglomeration area, 35 kilometers west of Luoyang with the "ancient imperial capital, peony flower city "reputation, close to the Longhai railway, Lianhuo highway and 310 State Road, 35 kilometers away from the Luoyang Airport , so the traffic is very convenient.
    Wanji holding groups was founded in 1987. After twenty years of development, now Wanji has become a large enterprise group with coal, power, metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials industry as the five pillar industry, and forming a coal - electricity - aluminum - aluminum perfect deep processing industry chain. Wanji ranks 296th in China 500 strong enterprise. In 2010 Wanji successfully implement the total assets and sales revenue more than 20000000000 Yuan which reaches the "double twenty billion" target. In order to perfect the coal electricity aluminum deep processing industrial chain,enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and sustainable development capability, the company invested 11200000000 yuan to build the high precision aluminum foil production line in July, 2008. At present, the first project has been put into operation, the core equipment were purchased from the company which has a leading position in aluminum processing equipment industry. The main cold rolling equipment are two Demag SMS 2300mm cold rolling machine, one Fata 2050mm cold rolling machine, main foil rolling equipment are three Achenbach 2150mm  wide high-speed aluminum foil rolling mill, the corresponding finishing equipment are imported from abroad. Currently, Wanji has Asia’s largest membrane three-dimensional intelligent storage system (elevated warehouse), the overall level of equipment is in the international leading position.
    Luoyang Wanji Aluminum Processing Co., Ltd produce various kinds of specification, variety diversification, serialization of the aluminum strip and foil products, covering aerospace, the aluminium alloy plate for ship use, transportation, electronics, construction, printing, food, aluminum strip for packaging, cigarette packaging  with double zero foil and other fields.
     We are convinced that: technology is the forerunner, quality is the root, credit is the brand! We are ready to provide first-class products and first-class service with friends all over the world. Welcome friends at home and abroad to visit Wanji, negotiate, cooperate with Wanji and seek a better tomorrow together.